Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'll be your Mirror...

Having pale skin is gorgeous, but keeping it clear is a bit more difficult as it is harder to conceal imperfections and redness. While the right makeup is priceless, having clear, smooth skin is even better.
I have struggled for a long time with acne and I have tried everything. Finally I seem to have found a combination of skin products that work for me.
I was a longtime Proactiv devotee. Its key ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, seemed to be the only thing that ever worked for me. As the years passed though, it still worked but my skin was never completely clear. And forget moisturizer, every last one made my skin freak out.
So now I use Murad (www.murad.com) which is a salicylic acid -based cleaser that kills 99 percent of surface bacteria. A month later and I'm impressed with the results. As a moisturizer I am using Hope in a Jar by Philosophy (www.philosophy.com) and I love it. It's the first moisturizer I've used that is lightweight enough that it absorbs instantly and I don't have to wait to apply foundation It also doesn't make me break out at all, leaves my skin smooth and minimizes any developing fine lines. Highly recommend.