Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Into Your Blackest Eyes

So I realized recently that I am incredibly fortunate to know some insanely talented people, and they are the inspiration behind a new segment I'm introducing. Periodically I will be poking and prodding at the brains of aforementioned talented folk over seven questions for your reading pleasure, and to kick off this series I present to you my go-to lady for drop dead gorgeous eye makeup and dear friend Kenia Melinda (pictured left.) so without further ado, I present to you the first installment of Seven Questions.

1.) What types of art did you draw from (i.e. books, films, music, etc.) when developing your signature artistic style?
I drew inspiration from movies and old art nouveau pictures. Edward Scissorhands, Legend, Dracula, you get my drift. Some dark comic books I own as well. I love big, smudgy eyes as well as very defined, symmetrical lines..sometimes I get creative with a bit of victorian filigreed influenced linework and such.
2.) All artists need skill but they also need the best tools. What are the absolute staples of your makeup kit?
I HAVE to have at all times: A hard bristled angle brush, eyelash curler, black shadow (cheap stuff works just fine whether you want glittery, glossy or matte), a deep port wine lipstick, and of course lots of every kind of eyeliner you can name..pencil, liquid, white, green, purple, felt..etc..
3.) Which makeup artists, if any, have influenced your technique?
No makeup artists have influenced my style, really.
4.) You create a lot of subtle highlights with color on top of your signature black . What are some of your favorite colors to mix, and why?
 I use mostly black and blend it into the lid in the middle to make it grayish. People always think it's a different color but nope, it's just good ol' black shadow! I love to mix purples and greens with it too, and purples really make light colored eyes pop as well! Browns work well with just about any eye color too..but it's totally boring in my book ;-)
5.) Do you have any tricks for creating the perfect 'cat eyes'? I know a lot of people ask about this.
Hmmm...this can be tricky because it's really about just creating a shape that looks different on everyone, but the result is always stunning. I use a short handled liquid liner for the lining, all around the lashlines, top and bottom. Make a little point on the inner corners as well if you wish for a sort of cleopatra vibe. Then just glop on the mascara or fake lashes if you have them. The key is to create the darkest outline possible, and mascara is VERY important.
6.) Famous person you would most like to do makeup for?
I would absolutely LOVE to do Kristen Stewart's makeup. She is so gorgeous with amazing yet subdued features that you could really get creative with!
7.) Famous person whose style (makeup or otherwise) you'd like to borrow for a day?
I'd love to just BE Rachel Brice one day! Style, makeup, you name it!


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