Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wintour Issue

I have a problem. That problem is infamous fashion editrix of Vogue, the eternally blunt-bobbed, black bespectacled, wisp-framed Anna Wintour. The problem is she is my new hero, and I can't stand her. I'll back up. Last night I finally got around to viewing "The September Issue," a documentary that follows Anna and Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director as they create and later close the famous "September Issue" of the magazine, a massive tome and virtual bible for those in the fashion world. This movie pissed me off, and I will tell you why. Anna Wintour is famously depicted, as played by Meryl Streep, as the boss from hell and beyond in both the book and the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." All the reviews I read prior to watching this documentary talk about her 'withering stares' and 'icy demeanor,' and say that she is notoriously inhuman and a slave driver. I watched this hour and half documentary and you know what I took away from it? This woman is not warm, she is not talkative, she is unapologetic and she is DAMN GOOD at her job. Vogue is her life, it is her baby. She is a visionary, a woman miles ahead of the curve. Does she come across as demanding? Yes. Short and snappy? Yup. Cruel and evil and without a soul? Not at all. She laughs, she even mists up when describing how her family views her career, and never once does it seem (to me at least) contrived or sappy. I actually really enjoyed the documentary but I found myself thinking, "SO WHAT??" at the TV several times. It wants comes across as a juicy inside look at Vogue and make you say "Oh my god, what a bitch," but seriously, if it was any regular Joe idiot male boss doing what needed to be done and making no apologies for it, would I have been sitting there, watching a DOCUMENTARY on it? I sincerely doubt that anyone would have the inclination if it weren't such a highly publicized woman. I came out of it loving her, except that leads me to my problem of also not being able to stand her. Anna is staunchly pro-fur, and I cannot wrap my brain around anyone who condones wearing animal fur as fashion. She has said in interviews she has to travel with security mostly due to the fact that people throw anything from pies to dead raccoons at her. Oh Anna, I do want to love you but you're making it so very hard on me.
Long story short, if you like fashion, art, or just a good documentary, I highly recommend "The September Issue." 
Agree, Disagree? I want to know!

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  1. You know I agree!!! I have always said that there are so many gender based double standards, and this is a perfect example of that. When a man is demanding and successful in his career he is a leader and knows what he's doing; when a woman does the same she is a cold, heartless, slave driving bitch from hell.

    As for the conundrum of loving her for her savviness and hating her for her support of the fur trade, I understand feeling torn, but is there really a single person on this earth that isn't brimming with dichotomies and contradictions? Can you pick someone out who, no matter how much you might love/respect them, doesn't have some character flaw or ideology you just can't stand?

    I'm pretty sure I could think of a few myself... ;)