Saturday, July 24, 2010

Air Waves

I am an avid blow-dry, flat iron fan for my nearly waist-long hair, and I have to say that I have finally found my favorite product for doing the exact opposite...letting my hair air-dry, a concept I previously disdained upon hippies with frizzballs. It's a leave-in conditioner by Macadamia, chock full of all kinds of neat moisturizers, most notably Argan oil (aka Moroccan oil that is all the rage right now) and, you guessed it, macadamia oil. So without further ado, here is how to acheive waves without frizz or a blowdryer to go with your summer moon-tan.
1. You're filthy, take a shower.
2. Now that you are clean, towel dry and wrap hair in a fancy towel-turban
3. After about 15 mins, comb hair out, towel dry the ends.
4. If you have bangs or any sort of face-framing pieces, hit with a blowdryer please
5. Work Macadamia leave in from ENDS to ROOTS, not the other way around
6. Shake through the length with fingertips for separation.
7. You are now clean and will have fabulous hair when it dries. Yay.

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